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Black & White Beginners Darkroom Weekend



Saturday 13 Feb : Sunday 14 Feb 2016 

Introducing the whole process of analogue photography in one weekend, from exposure and composition to processing your film, printing up contact sheets and making enlargements. This course will equip you with the skills required to use a darkroom without assistance.

Book online or phone 0141 552 2151.

Saturday : 35mm SLR Camera

How the camera works.

Shutter/ shutter speeds and its associated effects.

Aperture and its effect on depth of field.

Setting correct exposure using the light meter in the camera.

Combining Aperture and shutter speeds.

Film ASA.

Loading Film.

Taking photographs, 36 exposure film.

Film processing

Introduction to film processing equipment.

Practising loading films onto spirals.

Introduction to process room.

Load films.

Process films.

Sunday : Darkroom Session

Introduction to darkroom/ materials.

Darkroom etiquette and health & Safety.

Making a contact sheet of your negatives.

Making enlargements from negatives (10” x 8”).

Various printing techniques.

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