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Salt Print & Cyanotype weekend



Salt Print & Cyanotype weekend : Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 March 2016

An introduction to 2 historic processes.

Cyanotypes – or blueprints – are one of the earliest historical printing methods dating back to 1842. Salt printing, originally developed by Fox Talbot in the 1830’s and typically practiced until the 1860’s, combines salt and silver nitrate to produce reddish brown images.

Both are Printing Out Processes, using a contact printing method, exposed under a UV light.  This means that your final image size is determined by the size of your negative or object (if creating photogram prints). 

This course is suitable for beginners and experienced photographers alike and will cover all the basic information required to start exploring these beautiful and fun early processes.

Day 1

Summary overview of the two processes

All equipment/ chemistry explained/ H&S

Sizing paper/ different papers and materials discussed

Negatives – source material for making contact prints

Preparing solutions

Applying emulsion : exploring different methods

Exposing & developing

Day 2

Image making all day.

An ideal course to do in preparation for this, to make large negatives for contact printing is Producing Digital Negatives

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