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New Members
We are accepting new members on an ongoing basis, please contact
or telephone: 0141 552 2151 for further details.

We offer a state of the art digital suite with scanning and printing capabilities in addition to a large communal wet darkroom for black and white printing and processing facilities for all formats of film in both colour and black and white. We also have a large day lit space dedicated to dry print finishing (see below).

Our facilities are open to all members as soon as they complete a free induction.

Studio Hire:
Photographic Studio for hire to members. Also available at separate rates to non-members.
Features include:
• 2 x 270cm Wide Colorama Backdrops
• (White / Grey)
• Slik Tripod
• Manfrotto Video Tripod
• 2 x Bowens Gemini Flash Heads with Soft • • • Box, Snoot and Sync Lead
• 2 x Bowens Daylight Balanced Unilight
• 2 x Red Head Lamps
• 1 x Sekonic Flash Meter
• Wireless Internet

Members full day: £70
Members half day: £40
Non-members £90 / £50

Street Level Photoworks have two darkroom facilities to cater to every need from beginner to professional and visiting artists.

Communal darkroom:
• 6 x LPL Variable Contrast Constant exposure 7700 Enlargers capable of formats from 35mm – 6x7.
• 1x Ilford 500 Multigrade head on De Vere floor standing chassis
• Capable of all formats to 5x4 and prints up to 30” x 40”.
• Split Level sink for the possibility two processes simultaneously and prints to 30” x 40”.
• Separate wash facility with a wave rocker and silkscreen drying rack.

Process Facility:
• 2x temperature controlled process sinks for all formats in Black and White.
• 1x Jobo ATL 1500 colour processor for all film formats E6 and C41.

Digital Suite:
• 5x 27” Apple iMac with Intel Core I7 processor. • All colour calibrated
• With Adobe CS5 Design Premium.
• 1x Mac Pro with two Quad Core Intel Xeon processors.
• Eizo Colouredge 22” colour calibrated monitor.
• With Adobe CS5 Design Premium
• 2x Wacom A4 Graphics Tablets
• 1x Epson 4880 A2 Archival inkjet printer
• 1x Epson R2880 A3 inkjet printer
• 1x Epson 10000XL Pro A3 document and film scanner

Dry Print Finish:
Modular work surface to meet a variety of purposes.
With trimmers, cutting mats, light table and dry mount press available free of charge.

Individual facilities membership, Annual fee £70/ £40
Open to all individuals wishing to use Street Level’s open access facilities.

The following session rates are payable by members:
• Full day darkroom: £10 / £6
• Half day darkroom: £7 / £5
• Film Processing: £2 B&W / : £3.50 Colour
• Digital workstation: £5/ £3 per 2 hour session
• Digital workstation full day: £10 / £6
• A2 print (ink only) £5
• A3 print (ink only) £3

Street Level’s Acceptable Use Policy Applies