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11th Oct – 10th Nov

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Lithuanian Photography Season Exhibitions

Borderlands II

Domicele Tarabildiene

Kaunas Street Photography

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Image: The Morning after the Wedding (1979) by Antanas Sutkus


This exhibition presents the works of various generations of photographers and writers which poetically convey a particular aesthetic experience of the past and present of Lithuania and the relationship between photography and poetry.

The works in the exhibition are interconnected by five topics, which complement and extend each other – Nature, Human Being, City, Time and Memory.

A distinguished Lithuanian philosopher Algis Mickunas noted that the perception of the world of a Lithuanian speaker “is poetic in a direct way, without any intermediaries and without any intellectual abstractness.” The poetic vision of the world also connects the creations of the authors of the exhibition “Poetic Documents”.

Embracing the history of the 20th – 21st Century Lithuanian photography, this retrospective story is enriched by a combination of photographic images and poetic text. It is a kind of a visual journey around the landscape of Lithuanian photography guided by fragments of Lithuanian poetry which enrich the exhibition area with existential moods, subjective conditions and aspects of existence, becoming and romance.

In this, the only showing of Poetic Documents in the UK, 54 works by some of the most famous Lithuanian photographers are presented in this exhibition, including historical photographs, modern photography classics, avant-garde Soviet photographers, and works by contemporary artists and others collected from personal archives of photographers and the collections of Lithuanian museums. The photographs of the exhibition shall be accompanied by the translations of the poetry by Kazys Binkis, Alfonsas-Nyka Niliunas, Tomas Venclova, Vytautas Bloze, Marcelijus Martinaitis, Judita Vaiciunaite, Sigitas Geda, Kornelijus Platelis, Aidas Marcenas, Donaldas Kajokas and other poets.

The exhibition is dedicated to the cultural programme of the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU Council in 2013.

Artists include: Jonas Kaivelis • Algimantas Kuncius • Aleksandras Macijauskas • Antanas Sutkus • Rimaldas Viksraitis
Jan and Janusz Bulhak • Janas Bulhakas • Vytautas Balcytis • Gintautas Trimkakas • Algirdas Seskus • Arunas Kulikauskas
Arturas Valiauga • Romualdas Pozerskis • Indre Serpytyte • Antanas Sutkus

Image by Kuncius Kruonis

Image by Indre Serpytyte

Image by Aleksandras Macijauskas

Sat 19th October : Curator of Poetic Documents, Ieva Mazuraite-Novickiene of the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius gave a guided tour with contributions on their work from guest artists Romualdas Pozerskis and Arunas Kulikauskas.