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23rd – 24th November2013

Street Level Photoworks
Trongate 103 : Glasgow G1 5HD
T: 0141 552 2151

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Felix Davey

Image by Felix Davey

'In Focus' is a weekend of professional development for emerging photographers, with portfolio review sessions, book signings, talks and discussions with local and international photographers.

Presented by Street Level Photoworks in association with JTPA and Photomonitor.

Portfolio Factory  

Saturday 23rd November
11am - 1pm

Booking is essential. Please contact the gallery with your preferred choice of portfolio reviewer on T: 0141 552 2151
Information on the reviewers can be viewed here>

Reviews will be undertaken by:
Document Scotland
Robin Gillanders
Christiane Monarchi - Editor of Photomonitor
Tom Hunter - Artist
Sylvia Grace Borda - Artist
Malcolm Dickson - Director Street Level Photoworks
Marjolaine Ryley - Artist.

Tom Hunter Marjolaine Ryley Book Covers  

Saturday 23rd November
with Tom Hunter and Marjolaine Ryley

Marjolaine Ryley ‘Growing Up in the New Age’

The Artists’ monograph is published by Daylight Imprint and distributed by DAP, 2013.
‘Growing up in the New Age’ is a project exploring the ideology and belief systems that led to the founding of Kirkdale School by a group of alternative thinking parents in the 1960’s, a place the artist attended from 1976 – 1987, one of several free schools in the UK. Kirkdale was unique in that rather than existing in a rural community, it was based in inner London. Ryley’s practice often uses autobiography as a tool for investigating her subjects, and this is the starting point for this project. The book contains a multitude of images from the project, which took exhibitions form and was seen at Street Level and Wolverhampton Art Gallery in 2012. As a child my experience of education was shared with only a small number of children and I believe we experienced a unique ‘social and ideological’ experiment in education. As a society we face increasing difficulties in our state education system and it seems an apt time to look at Kirkdale and the philosophy that made it such an interesting experiment. Essays by Malcolm Dickson, Brigitte Ryley, Peter Ryley, Val Williams. Additional photographs by Dave Walking.

Tom Hunter, ‘The Way Home’
In ‘The Way Home’, Tom Hunter takes a look behind London’s façades and shows us how life there really is.
The meticulously composed, painterly tableaux of Tom Hunter (*1965 in Dorset) operate on various levels: for one, he references important paintings from art history; for another, he tells us stories of our time—stories that all take place in the London borough of Hackney, where Hunter lives. What is perhaps his best-known photograph is of a young woman in a setting that alludes to Vermeer’s Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window. However, Hunter’s photo portrays a Woman Reading a Possession Order—a neighbour from the squatter’s scene who has just received an eviction notice. The work attracted so such attention from the media that the eviction ultimately never took place.

JTPA Winners  
Sunday 24th November

The finalists of the Jill Todd Photographic Award 2013 will discuss their work.
In association with Jill Todd Photographic Award.

Felix Davey (Edinburgh Napier University)
James Dixon (Glasgow School of Art)
Theresa Moerman (Glasgow School of Art)

Images above. left to right: Davey, Dixon, Moerman

Sylvia Grace Borda  

Sunday 24th November

With exhibiting artist Sylvia Grace Borda and Christiane Monarchi, editor of Photomonitor, discussing Sylvia’s exhibition.

Camera Histories is an exhibition of 4 new bodies of works by Borda, in which the apparatus becomes the central subject of her digital compositions - found and staged photographs of cameras are manipulated and montaged to create unconventional portraits. Typically the camera is not the subject matter of a photograph: it instead stays hidden between photographer and image.

Whether directly using found images, as in ‘Cameras and Watercolour Sunsets’ (2010 to present) and Still Life (2013), or staged images, as presented in ‘Interrogations of a Camera’ (2012) and ‘Seeing Technologies’ (2011), Borda’s work causes us to consider our responses to the worthiness of the camera as subject, and that to the evolution of digital photographic technologies at the  

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